We train rain or shine Cancellation 30 days prior or no refund!

In this one Day course we will cover

Movement with handgun and the carbine in an aggressive manner

How to Drive the Handgun and Carbine in multiple positions and under stress

Lateral and Forward movement alone and in a team environment

Communication in teams and groups

Accuracy and speed blended together

Malfunction clearing and getting the gun back up and in the fight

This Is Not a basic course you must have proper gun handling skills or you will be sent home

bring your own lunch we will not be leaving the range

Kinetic Drive Handgun/Carbine

Required Equipment:

Eye Protection

Hearing protection

Water, Snacks,

Serviceable Carbine, Weapon Sling, At Least 3 Carbine magazines(more is better), A way to carry at least 2 magazines on your person

At least 750 rounds of carbine ammunition

Serviceable Handgun 9mm or larger caliber OWB holster with at least  At least Handgun magazines and at least 350 rounds of ammunition for it.


Contact Ben@kinetic-stg.com for details

Bring reliable ammunition we cannot take time from the class to fix guns due to bad ammo. We will do what we can but our main responsibility is to safely keep the class moving


Sept 22 ,2018