"Had an absolutely awesome time training with Ben Kinetic of Kineic Solutions Training Group in the Primary Carbine course. It was a comprehensive course that touched on all aspects of carbine use. I am extremely happy with how I performed, as well as how my rifle performed. Ben delivers information in an easy to understand way with no unneeded BS to inflate the message leaving plenty of time to get on the gun and learn via first hand experience. In summary, I'm craving more training!"


"Primary Carbine was my third training experience with Ben and Kinetic-STG. Ben has a comfortable way of relating valuable information, then runs drills that cement it in. I'll be back."

Ben offers great instruction and techniques, combined with fun exercises to demonstrate the value and practicality of what we learned. Translation: Learned lots yesterday and had a blast! Awesome low light experience

Kinetic Solutions Training Group "Introduction to the Modern Carbine"September 21, 2015 at 8:08pm
This is Ben Kinetic of Kinetic Solutions Training Group.  Ben is preaching the good word on gun safety; Preach it brotha!  Yesterday I attended his Introduction to the Modern Carbine class.  My carbine of choice was my Bushmaster XM-15 which has been outfitted as my CQR.  I not only experienced a bunch of technique, I was able to test my setup. 

We started out on the 500 Military range.  On the 100yr line Ben went though the safety talk and started on some basics.  We were all coached and expected to have acceptable groupings for our own skill levels and setups.  As part of my CQR philosophy my rifle is outfitted with nothing but iron sights for aiming.  Cheap ones too.  A2 front with Bushmaster's A3 removable handle rear.  I started out a little ragged but as the day would go on my groups would start to settle in.
After the 100 we moved onto the 200, 300 and then at the 400 we mixed it up a little.  This pic above is me all happy about my groups closing up at 200yrs.  My iron sight setup was proving a wise choice.  300 was damn good too for my purposes.  At 400 we moved on to a smaller C zone steel target.  We shot one at a time with a spotter in 5 shot groups like in the pic below.  I believe it was my 3rd shot that rang the plate.  I'm a close quarters guy so this 400yrd shot was pretty cool for me.  We all made that shot and moved back to the 500.  I failed at this distance with the irons but my spotter told me I just barely missed on a couple of the shots. 
We walked a lot on the 500 checking targets. This time was a mix of just having fun with like minded shooters, lessons and Q and A sessions.  The morning Marksmanship part was more than just shooting.  Ben had an answer for every question and he peppered in many lessons I'd never thought of.  Lessons like how to gauge wind and make corrections for it.  Very cool stuff and totally new to me.  Kinetics teaching style is very easy to receive and when I didn't totally get what Ben was teaching he was more than happy to go over it again and explain it in a way I could get it.  We would learn and then do.  Absolute reinforcement. 

In the afternoon we moved to more close quarter type skills.  Again we were all pushed but never without coaching.  We experienced mental and physical stress.  We discussed philosophy and technique.  We shot from positions that would test about anyone.  When we were taught to shoot weak hand with our carbines and I didn't understand why, Ben explained why and reinforced with exercises.  The afternoon was also non stop learning.  We all got a lot from everything we did.

Overall the day was a success and as well as I feel I did I left plenty on the table to improve upon.  What I liked most about training with Kinetic Solutions Training Group was I always felt value in everything we did.  My brain needs to see value in what I'm doing.  If I didn't quite get something I would ask and always got an answer.  As for testing my CQR, that went pretty well too.  I may need to pick up a better rear sight but I have no plans to change anything else. 


"this was an incredible all day class. Very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their skill level not just with the carbine but shooting in general as much of the discipline transfers over. Money WELL spent!!'